In September 2019, Patty Broussard established Four Star Land and Realty, LLC to bring her Real Estate and Brokerage Services to the St. Clair County area. Patty has over 20 years of experience in real estate in the Central Alabama market and has been a Broker since 2008. Patty has specialized in New Home Design and Sales since 2006. Patty is qualified to help you pick out a floorplan, find the ideal lot, and answer all of you new home construction questions.


Heidi Monte

Design Consultant and Closing Coordinator

Once your floorplan has been selected, you will meet with Heidi in our design showroom to truly make your home one of a kind.  Heidi loves to meet each new buyers and help them achieve the perfect look for their new home.  Everyone has their own unique style, preferences, and design ideas.  Heidi enjoys assisting all buyers with as much help as they desire.

Once all of the design is selected and the contract is signed.  Heidi will set the closing and contact your agent with all pertinent information to make for a smooth closing process.

Regan Moore

Production Specialist

Once the design process is completed and the contract is signed.  Regan will be your girl for all production questions.  Regan will send a weekly update regarding the building process to keep you informed about the progress.  She will be there to help you along the way.

Tommy Burttram


Tommy has been working in St Clair County since 1970 when he started out when he started out at Pearson Lumber Company and Harrison Supply.  He has been a contractor for over 20 years now with dozens of projects under his belt including the remodel of Springville City Hall, Smokin Grill Restaurant, Elam Apartments, Valley Investments Rentals, and numerous single-family homes around our area.  We are proud to have him as our Superintendent and know that you enjoy working with him!


Warranty Specialist

After you have closed on your new Four Star Homes, moved all of your furniture in, and hung pictures on the wall, our Warranty Specialist will become your contact for anything you may need for your home after the closing.